Read body language understanding body Language Sales Technique


On Completion of Level 1. Authentic certificate will be awarded from Awais academy.

Understanding body language is the main part of selling anything. It can break or make your efforts to make long and trusting relationships. Your body language helps the buyer to trust and add reinforce to what you say, or it can go against your words. Understanding what signals your client is sending as well as understanding what signals you are sending to your clients, it’s a compulsory skill throughout our lives and in sales. You can find out all about! What your body language is saying about you?

This is a self_paced Training programm in which you can select location and time of your desire, Awais academy is providing you this technique (Training Course) available 24/7 with complete flexibility to train yourself at the pace you desire.

Endorsed certificate from Awais Academy ( A registered awarding body) will be awarded on the completion of the course.

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Above mention all the things are included in the course fee.


In this course what students will learn?

Applying your own Skills (knowledge) of body language to get improved communication

Understanding impact of space in a conversation

Reading Movements of body language from a specific range of areas including your face, arms, hands, and legs.

Using mirror or matching techniques to build your skills.

Confidence must be full in every step, even in shaking hands.

Dressing for success.

Syllabus of the Course


Reading body language and understanding body Language Sales Technique

Unit 1 is consists of the following topics:

Body language understanding

Reading Expressions

Building Relationships

Characteristics of the Voice

Monitoring movements


Shake hands

Benefits of the course

Complete Tutor Support

Non fix Schedules (Self_Paced)

Availability anytime anywhere in the world to all kind of students

Access to Learning Management System 24/7

Understanding quality study material

Course Material

This course is including all kind of materials in the course fee. All type of study materials will be available as per study plans during your studies under LMS( learning management system).  Materials can be Downloaded & printed as well.

This course is especially designed for the student who cannot afford to study on regular basis, therefore they can learn using our online course materials, which is especially written for the home studies. Our distance learning course is very easy to understand and in very simple language. Different type of media is also used to help you to learn these techniques. During this course we may use the following  media materials which can be available at your home or where ever you want to study:

Question Papers

Additional Support Material


Other online Materials

Fee Method

50% fee of your course will be charged at the time of admission, 30% will be charged in the mid and the remaining 20% fee will be charged on the completion of the course.

Question and Answers

No questions & answers are given in this course.

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