Building Relationships in the sales

In this course we’ll tell you about the importance of building relationships in sales. This course is taught in Awais Academy Faisalabad.
You will agree with us that making friends is a good thing. In this course you will learn and discover that making relationship is the business of business and the sales business is all about making friends a
nd building relationship. A Good relation can make or break a business, we only needs a strategic relationship no matters how big and as well no matter what kind of market.
All kind of self paced programs are available 24/7 which are providing you with the flexibility of you own choices to train at the pace, it contains time and location of your choice.
A well prepared certificate from registered awarding body will be claimed on the completion of the course.
Following Materials are free in this course:
Tutor Support
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Building Relationships for Success 1st Level
What will you learn in this Course?
Benefits of developing a support network of a connection
Understanding how you can develop your business base by building relationships in the sales
Communication techniques for building your network
How to put key elements in strong working relationships, and identifying their strength.
Education of the key interpersonal skills and practice to align them in the good pace.
Recognizing how relationship works in the sales.
Syllabus of the Course
Unit A
Focused selling customer category
Unit A contains the following topics:
Focusing to the Customer
Understanding issues and the easiest solutions
Understanding the possibilities
Learning what are the resistances in forming new relationships?
Wining of influence people and the effected friends
Efforts VS. Results
Unit B
Communication Skills in Relationship selling
The unit B covers the topics mentioned below:
Focus on networking
The handshake and hug
Network organizing
Active listening
Understanding and responding to feelings
Demonstrating cues
Understanding Cues
Learning mingling management

Benefits against this Course
High tutor support
Course of your own pace , non fix schedules
Available for students anytime anywhere in the world
Access of Learning Management System
Understanding Quality Learning Study materials
Material in the course
All kind of materials are free after the payment of this course. All of the materials that are compulsory during this course will be provided as per requirements. In this course we will use all kind of latest media to help you for easiest understanding. The material is available in soft and hard copy as well.
Moreover we are offering these courses for the online students, who cannot travel to the large distances. They can learn through our online courses. Where we provides a well prepared course with easily understanding language of your desire to make you feel more relax and relevant to your Study.
In this course we might use following media which can be easily accessed from your home or where ever you want to study.
Question papers
Online course materials available on interment
Additional support materials of you own choices
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